Arnitel® TPE-E

Producer: DSM
Polymer type TPE-E

Arnitel® TPE-E is a family of thermoplastic copolyester based elastomers (TPE-E’s or COPE).

These copolyesters combine the strength and processing characteristics of engineering plastics with the performance of thermoset elastomers providing benefits in processing and productivity.

General info

Arnitel® resins, as thermoplastics, they do not require vulcanisation to obtain their optimal properties, which often leads to substantial reductions in part cost.

Arnitel® TPE-E properties

Relative to other elastomers, polyester-based materials offer the most consistent performance over their entire operating temperature range since their properties vary little from low to high temperature extremes.

The primary properties are:

  • Excellent flexural fatigue endurance
  • High peak temperature resistance
  • High impact strength
  • High tear and abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to chemicals and weathering
  • High load bearing capacity
  • Excellent over-moulding adhesion (ABS/PBT/PC/metals)
  • Excellent strength over a wide range of temperatures
  • Excellent dynamic properties e.g. creep and fatigue
  • Exceptional resistance to chemicals and oils and greases
  • High degree of versatility in processing with easy colourability
  • Good electrical insulation properties
  • Low moisture absorption, excellent dimensional stability

Typical Arnitel® applications:

  • Automotive: Air ducts, boots for constant velocity joints (CVJ), airbag covers, body plugs
  • General industries: conveyor belts, sport shoes, 2K Moulding, seals, bed springs, wine taps, suspended seating, railway pads and buffers
  • Extrusion Applications: Cable and wiring, tubes and hoses, roofing membranes, breathable membranes


Arnitel® TPE-E is offered in a range of hardnesses, based on three different soft segment types:

  • Arnitel® E = General purpose polyether soft block
  • Arnitel® P = Specialties polyether soft block
  • Arnitel® U = Specialties polyester soft block

Moreover different application dedicated ranges have also been developed:

  • Arnitel® XG: The halogen free solution for wire and cable
  • Arnitel® C: Meets the all requirements for Class D cables
  • Arnitel® VT: Breathable roofing film 


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