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Producer: TechnoCompound
Polymer type PLA

Biodegradable Compounds for Film Applications
The increasing environmental awareness requires the plastics industry to develop even more sustainable and environmental friendly solutions.

Biodegradable plastics can offer sustainable solutions including bio degradability and the use of renewable raw materials, minimising their carbon footprint.

General info

Highly flexible biodegradable compounds are now available under the name BioBatch, produced by TechnoCompound and distributed by Resinex all over Europe.

They are biodegradable, which means decomposable by natural bacteria, offering an alternative to conventional waste disposal, allowing them to be recycled together with organic waste into industrial composting facilities and transformed to new natural fertilizer.

Partially made from renewable raw materials, they minimize the carbon footprint.

They answer to the current trend and new legislations banning conventional plastics for single use film packaging and shoppers.

These compounds consist of biopolymers and special additives certified in accordance with DIN EN 13432 as well as ASTM D6400 by DIN CERTCO.

Typical BioBatch applications:

  • Shopping bags
  • Garden and agricultural films
  • Garbage bags
  • Hygiene and packaging films

Excellent BioBatch properties and easy processing:

  • Easy processing on standard extrusion blown film lines.
  • Film extrusion lines processing PE-LD or PE-LLD can be switched directly to BioBatch without any modifications.
  • Does not require any interruption of the production process thanks to the compatibility with polyethylene. Only a temperature profile fine-tuning may be required.


Typical BioBatch properties
MFR g/10min 3,5 4,5
Density g/cm3 1,39 1,25
Shore D   47 49
Tensile stress at yield MPa 13 22,8
Elongation at yield % 19 3,5
Tensile strength MPa 20 31
Elongation F max % 450 490
Residual moisture % <0.03 <0.03

BioBatch 1851 and 1852 are composed of bio-based as well as fossil raw materials. Both products are suitable for printing without pre-treatment, welding and bonding. BioBatch compounds can be easily colored with a suitable masterbatch.