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Producer: Dow
Polymer type HD PE, LD PE, LLD PE, PP compounds

DOW ENDURANCE™ family of semi conductive and insulation materials for medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV) and extra-high voltage (EHV) cable constructions are developed to last for decades of service.

General info

Medium Voltage

Globally, the equivalent of over 3 million kilometres of 15 kV underground (UG) MV cables made with DOW ENDURANCE™ MV 4202 tree retardant cross-linked polyethylene (TR-XLPE) insulation are in operation. Testing of this buried cable shows little wear after 25 years, with an expected life span of over 40 years.

Performance advantages of DOW ENDURANCE™ MV 4202 include:

  • Excellent balance of cost and performance with more than 25 years of proven effective service
  • Improved distribution system reliability and very low life-cycle costs
  • Longer cable life, less replacement cost, low dielectric losses
  • Simplified cable designs that help to optimise system costs
  • Clean, dependable, consistent compounds
  • Cable manufacture, installation, operation and diagnostics same as conventional XLPE

High Voltage

DOW ENDURANCE™ HV/EHV materials have been used globally for cables ranging from 69 kV to 500 kV for over 10 years. Dow Wire & Cable’s super-clean manufacturing, packaging and logistics practices help assure the cable manufacturers and utilities years of durable and reliable UG (Under Ground) cable function without the fear of contaminants that can lead to cable failure.

UG cables are being recognised for technical advantages and consistent performance including:

  • Up to 30 percent lower power loss
  • Increased protection against external factors such as weather, vandalism, etc.
  • Lower visual impact that increases the value of surrounding areas versus overhead lines
  • Smaller right of way and faster approval of applications for installation
  • Less emission of electric field or noise
  • Lower short- and long-term maintenance costs than overhead lines


DOW Endurance™ portfolio and typical application:
Dow Endurance™ HFDA 0801 BK EC HVblackHV – bonded semicon
Dow Endurance™ HFDA-0693 BKblackMV – strippable semicon
Dow Endurance™ HFDB-4201 SCnaturalHV – insulation
Dow Endurance™ HFDK-0587 BKblackMV/HV – bonded semicon
Dow Endurance™ HFDK-0587 BK SblackHV – bonded semicon
Dow Endurance™ HFDK-4201 EHVnaturalEHV insulation
Dow Endurance™ HFDK-4201 SCnaturalHV – insulation
Dow Endurance™ HFDK-4202 ECnaturalMV – insulation WTR


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