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PA66 Minlon®

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type PA 66

MINLON® PA66 grades are mineral, and mineral/glass reinforced 66 nylons that offer stiffness and heat deflection temperatures similar to those of glass reinforced nylons but with considerably less warpage.

General info

Seeking Minimal Warpage in Nylon? Try MINLON® PA66!

MINLON® PA66 resins also provide greater dimensional stability and creep resistance than unreinforced nylon.

Some of the most popular toughened grades are:

  • Minlon® 10B40 - PA66, 40% mineral filled.
  • Minlon® 11C140 - PA66, 40% mineral filled, impact resistant.
  • Minlon® 22C BK086 - 38% mineral/glass reinforced, and heat stabilized, black PA66.
  • Minlon® EFE6053 - 40% mineral-glass reinforced PA66 (16% mineral and 24% glass).