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Pibiflex® TPC (TPE-E, COPE)

Producer: Celanese
Polymer type TPC

Celanese Pibiflex® is a thermoplastic copolyester elastomer (TPC, TPE-E or COPE) based on PBT as the hard segment and the soft segment as amorphous long chain polyether/polyester segments.

Pibiflex® TPC combines the favourable characteristics of vulcanized rubber, such as toughness, tear and flex fatigue resistance with the easy processability of thermoplastics.

General info

Pibiflex® TPC can be processed by standard injection, extrusion or blow molding but also by rotational molding or physical foaming (Mucell). Standard Pibiflex® TPC grades have good adhesion to many polymers such as PC, PC/PBT, PC/ABS, PBT, EVA or TPU and special Pibiflex® grades also to SEBS.

TPC (TPE-E) Pibiflex® offers a wide range of grades:

  • Hardness range from 25 Shore D to 70 Shore D
  • Low temperature limit down to -45°C
  • Max continuous temperature up to 150°C
  • UV stabilized grades
  • Heat stabilized grades
  • Flame retardant
  • Low emissions

Main Pibiflex® TPC benefits are:

  • High creep resistance, impact strength and flexural fatigue resistance
  • Excellent toughness and elasticity
  • Good flexibility at low temperatures
  • Good properties retention at high temperatures
  • Good chemical resistance (oils, greases, salt solutions)
  • Excellent surface gloss and good paintability
  • Excellent wear resistance


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