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PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive and static dissipative compounds

Producer: Premix
Polymer type Electro conductive antistatic and dissipative compounds

PREMIX PRE-ELEC® compounds offer low surface resistivity combined with excellent mechanical properties and easy processability.

Typical applications are technical parts or containers in contact with sensitive electronical components, that require protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD). Materials with low surface resistivity also help to protect against stative sparking in explosive environments, against static charge of sensitive measuring devices or to avoid dust attraction in clean rooms.

PREMIX is the leading specialist for electrically conductive compounds with more that 35 years of experience in product and application development. PREMIX’s wide portfolio of PRE-ELEC® grades offers the optimal solution based on various base polymers for your specific requirements.

General info

Available PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive and static dissipative compounds:

  • Various solutions based on conductive carbon, carbon fiber, metal fiber or electrically dissipative polymers (IDP)
  • wide portfolio based on many different base polymers like PP, PE, ABS, PS, PC, TPU or PA
  • suitable for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding
  • easy processability
  • superior balance of mechanical properties
  • cost efficient concentrates
  • competent technical consultation for product selection, optimization of processing and application development.
Die Compounds sind je nach Anwendung leitend oder dissipativ einstellbar. © Premix

Typical applications for PRE-ELEC® electrically conductive and static dissipative compounds:

PRE-ELEC® for automotive applications

Electrically dissipative compounds for applications in contact with explosive fuels and gases:

  • filler necks
  • sheating for fuel lines

PRE-ELEC® for industrial applications:

  • packaging of explosive goods: pail, buckets and canisters
  • components in explosive proof environments
  • conveying technology
  • rolls and casters
  • permanent antistatic housings and trays for clean rooms

PRE-ELEC® for electronic & electric applications

  • sensitive electronic measuring devices
  • packaging film for sensitive electronical components
  • boxes, pails, pallets and trays for ESD sensitive components

Brief grade overview

PRE-ELEC® PP1350 – conductive PP compound for injection moulded ESD products like ESD crates and boxes.

PRE-ELEC® PP1370 – conductive PP compound for injection moulded ESD products like ESD crates and boxes requiring superior conductivity

PRE-ELEC® PE1291 – conductive HDPE compound for extrusion sheets, profiles and pipes as well as blow moulded bottles, canisters or containers

PRE-ELEC® PS1326 – conductive PS compound for injection moulded products like tote bins or carrier tape reels for ESD sensitive components

PRE-ELEC® PE1313 – conductive LLDPE compound for flexible extruded or injection moulded parts

PRE-ELEC® PA1411 – highly conductive concentrate for dilution with PA6 for technical products, containers or housings

PRE-ELEC® ABS1415 – conductive ABS compound for co-extruded multilayer sheets

PRE-ELEC® TPU1512 – conductive polyester TPU compound for flexible injection molded parts or extruded products like conveyor belts, tape, hoses or multi-layer sheets


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